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The design I have done thus far.

Sound Design for Horror Film Clip – The Quiet Zone

DESIGNERS Stephenson Ngoda Jenna Lin Ummukulthum Ibrahim (Ummi) Dang Viet Toan (Dino) CONCEPT We initially wanted to do a soundscape for an action movie. However, after receiving feedback from our supervisor, we decided to switch our concept up a bit. After deliberating amongst ourselves, we became stuck on creating a sound design for a horror […]

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A Documentary about Nature – Branches Between Us

This is a group project that I did with 2 other people, 3 of us in total. This was a really fun project for me because it was out of my comfort zone. It required me to go out and talk to seniors and youths about how they feel about nature and what they have […]

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Individual Project – Ad on Bloomers

I began this project as an assignment in my design course. The idea was to create a 30 seconds advertisement for an institution, a product or a company. I tried so hard to craft a story but all my ideas proved futile as I did not have immediate access to actors. So I decided to use […]

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