A Documentary about Nature – Branches Between Us

This is a group project that I did with 2 other people, 3 of us in total. This was a really fun project for me because it was out of my comfort zone. It required me to go out and talk to seniors and youths about how they feel about nature and what they have to share on the topic. This project is in association with the Museum of Vancouver and after a few interviews with the coordinator – Vivian, The story of the project began to bloom and come together.


It took a while to get a client but with patience and persistence, Jude and Al Grass came along and the project bloomed. I devoted my time to composing shots and deciding what kinds of shots and images were necessary to tell the story about nature. I worked with the camera and sound equipment, both the setup and usage multiple times to create beautiful shots of nature and for the people.

After gathering shots, images, sounds and props for the documentary. I edited a few parts of the documentary and chose the sound to go with it. I used After Effects to work on kinetic typography for the acknowledgements and credits for the video. Most of the edit and compilation of the work was done in premiere pro.

It was a beautiful project and I enjoyed it. I wish to and would love to do more work like this.

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