Individual Project – Ad on Bloomers

I began this project as an assignment in my design course. The idea was to create a 30 seconds advertisement for an institution, a product or a company. I tried so hard to craft a story but all my ideas proved futile as I did not have immediate access to actors. So I decided to use my teddy bears from bloomex.


I Started off with a sketch and story of how I wanted the ad to look and feel. Then I went on to take pictures and videos that I would use for my edit. I put all the pieces of the video together in premiere pro and edited it according to how I wanted it to go. From one teddy to the other, a group and all of them together. When I was done, I put it in after effects and applied the effects that I wanted on the video. The effects are listed below.

I made use of serif fonts (which I really like I must add) and I used warm colours to set the tone of the video so it is inviting and interesting for audiences. I took all the pictures, created the video, did the edit and effects all by myself.


My Project is a 30 seconds advertisement for the Bloomex Company. They sell teddy bears, flowers etc, especially on Valentine’s Day to people who want to express their love to the people closest to them. This ad showcases some of the products they sell.

In this project, I made use of the Disintegration effect, Glitch effect, Track Matte – Alpha Matte, Split screen and Cutaway effect.

Track matte is used on the title in the introduction

Disintegration is used on the split screen teddy on the left

Glitch is used on the puppy and the intro title

The cutaway effect is used at the end of the conclusive title page.



Link to the Sound –




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